MC-E 1.12

129 999,00 ZAR

It may be little but it’s tons of fun to ride! Good times are what the MC-E 1.12 is all about. This awesome balance bike allows kids between three and five years old to quickly learn the fundamental skills needed to ride bikes efficiently, and with big smiles on their faces. From pushing off to coasting, braking, and turning, the addition of a working throttle makes the MC-E 1.12 feel like a real motorcycle. Three power modes ensure steady and safe development for beginners while those a little more confident can start on a less restrictive setting. With a lightweight construction and a running time of up to 60 minutes, it won’t be long until the youngsters in your life start kicking up the dust.

MC-E 1.16

159 999,00 ZAR

For youngsters aged five to eight years old, there may not be a better balance bike than the MC-E 1.16! Lightweight and with a run time of around one hour, it’s the perfect bike for learning on. Built around a strong aluminum frame and with a BMX-style steel front fork, it’s certainly more than capable of handling anything that even the most courageous kids can throw at it. With three pre-set power modes, the top speed can be restricted depending on the rider’s ability. So those new to two wheels, can start with the training mode setting before unlocking more speed as they progress with their skills and start to GET ON THE GAS!

MC-E 1.20

159 999,00 ZAR

All-new from its 20-inch wheels and chunky tires upwards, the MC-E 1.20 is as close as it gets to a full-on dirt bike! Capable of hitting a super-cool top speed of 32 km/h, this new balance bike really raises the bar with its 80mm of front suspension travel and hydraulic disk brakes. Best suited to kids between the ages of 10 and 12, once they have their technique and riding skills dialed, they’ll then be ready for an MC-E 5, MC 50, or MC 65!


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