EC 250 F

129 999,00 ZAR

Small and mighty! It’s our smallest 4-stroke but make no mistake, in the right hands, it’s a world beater… just ask EnduroGP World Champ, Andrea Verona! Built using much of the tech found on Verona’s very own race bike, the EC 250F really is a stunner with its vibrant red bodywork and competition-focused components creating a bike that truly excels when ridden hard. Stable at high speed and nimble in the tight and technical going, the EC 250F is as good as it gets when it comes to serious offroad fun.

EC 350 F

159 999,00 ZAR

For those after a little more power and performance, the GASGAS EC 350F is our mid-size 4-stroke that offers playful and agile handling for endless fun between the trees. It’s our perfect, do-it-all dirt bike designed for day long fun no matter what the conditions. Fitted with a Braktec hydraulic clutch for a consistent, maintenance-free operation, the EC 350F is also equipped with a super-reliable and smooth-shifting 6-speed transmission, supple WP suspension, and a whole host of enduro specific components to ensure a next-level riding experience. You’re gonna love it!

EC 450 F

159 999,00 ZAR

Say hello to one of our newest enduro bikes for 2024! An exciting addition to our enduro line-up, the EC 450F is a big-bore steed for those who love to ride at lower revs while still going fast. With handling characteristics usually reserved for much smaller bikes, it’s built for serious enduro riding. Supple WP suspension soaks up the rough stuff while Braktec brakes, a 6-speed transmission, and a modern chassis make the EC 450F a real blast to ride.

EC 500 F

159 999,00 ZAR

New for 2024, the EC 500F is a serious piece of kit! Big on power, big on fun, and big on guaranteeing good times in the dirt, our biggest capacity enduro bike is built for big-bore fun. While the half-litre hero might sound like a real powerhouse, modern electronics, and the combination of an agile chassis and supple WP suspension, make the EC 500F a really nimble bike despite its 500cc motor.


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